Wart Removal

You may have tried to get rid of warts before without success, but fear not! Everyone’s body reacts differently to warts, and many times treatments aren’t followed correctly enough to be effective. We’re here to make things easy for you, so let’s get started!

Wart Cross Section

There are plenty of ways to get rid of warts. These include:

Cryotherapy (Freezing Off Warts) – The freeze treatment makes the skin a hostile environment for the viral cells (and the healthy cells surrounding them). If all goes well, this will kill most of the infected cells, and cut off the blood supply to the remaining stragglers until they die on their own.

Basically, an object (like a q-tip) is cooled using a chemical. Most if the time, this is liquid nitrogen. Then, the cold object is placed on the infected area and held against the wart for about 20- 30 seconds or so, at which point the skin usually gets numb and stings a bit. For the next few days, the wart will start to turn black and then eventually fall off after a week or two. Sometimes, warts will require a round of up to 5 treatments within 2 week intervals, but most warts don’t require more than a couple.

There are two options for cryotherapy, over-the-counter treatment or a visit to the doctor.

For over-the-counter treatments, you may want to check out Compound W or Dr. Scholl’s products:


Salicylic Acid – If you’ve searched for wart removal before, you’ve probably run across products like Compound W or some kind of “acid”  to get rid of warts. Don’t worry…it’s not the kind of acid that’s going to burn through your skin. Salicylic acid is a chemical compound that irritates the skin around the affected area. This causes your immune system to kick in and pay special attention. Basically, it’s a way to say to your body, “Look here! Something’s wrong!”.

In order to apply Salicylic Acid, soak the affected area for about 5 minutes in warm water. Once you’re ready, dry it off with a towel and apply the wart and affected area with the acid. Try to coat the whole wart. Don’t worry if some of it gets on healthy skin, salicylic acid won’t cause any permanent skin damage. Salicylic acid is the least painful of all treatments, and it generally takes only one or two small bottles for the whole treatment.

Apply the salicylic acid at least once or twice a day. Many find it best to apply in the morning and right before going to sleep. The whole process may take up to 12 weeks, but consistency is key to any wart removal treatment.


Surgery – While some people prefer to treat warts themselves, others want to go straight to the doctor to get those pesky warts removed ASAP. Although most doctors will recommend cryotherapy or salicylic acid, surgery is available. However, it generally comes with a larger price tag.

Wart surgery is usually fast and effective. There are different types of surgeries, but they all yield the same general results. Doctors will usually begin with the method that is least likely to cause damage to the surrounding skin.

For all of these procedures, a local anesthetic is used on the wart and surrounding area.

Home Remedies – Anything from duct tape to apple cider vinegar to lemon juice…



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