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Let’s face it, warts are uncomfortable. You’ve probably already tried wart removal at least once. At ExterminateWarts.com, you’ll learn what causes warts and how to get rid of them for GOOD! Just in case you’re not completely familiar with warts, here’s a quick summary:

What are warts? – Warts are growths that occur on the body’s skin. Generally, this occurs on hands or feet but can also occur other places. They are usually a rough, cauliflower-like patch that takes a while to go away on its own.

Wart Cross Section Original
Cross section of a wart. Gross, right?

Causes: Warts are caused by a viral infection, specifically by one of the many types of human papillomavirus (also known as HPV). There are over one hundred types of HPV circulating in the human population today. Most of the time, the virus lays dormant, but it occasionally rears its ugly head in the form of warts. Although the thought of having HPV might be worrisome, rest assured that warts are only cosmetic blemishes. Don’t worry, they don’t have any serious health implications. That being said, if you’re ready to learn more about them and get yours removed, check out our wart removal treatments and how to make training videos.

There are many varieties, but the most common types of warts are:

Treatment and Removal: There are plenty of ways to treat warts. When followed correctly, wart removal won’t cause any long-term negative effects.

If you look long enough, you’ll see everything from conventional wart removal methods to outright crazy ones. While you’re free to try whatever you like, here are some recommendations.

  • Cryotherapy – “Freezing off” those pesky warts
  • Salicylic Acid – A chemical used in a liquid or gel form, like products from Compound W or Dr. Scholls
  • Surgery – An expensive, sometimes painful laser surgery performed by a healthcare professional
  • Home Remedies – Anything from duct tape to apple cider vinegar to lemon juice…

Note: Genital warts should NOT be treated with conventional methods.


From personal experience, here are the top two treatments:



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