Common Warts

Common warts are raised warts with a tough surface that most frequently develop on hands, but can occur on any part of the skin. The vast majority of warts are “common” warts and are easily treated. Their appearance is often similar to a hard blister or cauliflower.

Wart Cross Section Original
Even though they might not look pretty, warts won’t hurt you!

While common warts are harmless, treatment will help prevent spreading the wart virus to another part of the body. Precautions should be made in order to avoid the infected area contacting another part of the skin, especially when wet or sweaty.


Check out these ways to remove your warts:

  • Cryotherapy – “Freezing off” those pesky warts
  • Salicylic Acid – A chemical used in a liquid or gel form, like products from Compound W or Dr. Scholls
  • Surgery – An expensive, sometimes painful laser surgery performed by a healthcare professional
  • Home Remedies – Anything from duct tape to apple cider vinegar to lemon juice…


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