Wart’s the problem?

Even though they’re mainly contained to hands and feet, warts can occur everywhere. Occasionally, warts will occur in the face. Although facial warts may not present as much of an uncomfort, they can lower confidence and become a distraction when dealing with others. Shrikumar’s recent article outlines the details regarding India’s approach to facial warts and how to combat these nuisances wherever you are.

For those of you interested in laser treatment:

Liquid nitrogen also used to be sprayed to dry off warts, she says. But the best option these days seems to be the laser treatment. “Using laser ensures that the wart is removed from the base, leaves no scar and also prevents bleeding as blood vessels get sealed,” she says. “In the case of seborrheic warts, laser is effective if the growth is big and dangling, while smaller ones can be removed by sipping. Laser treatments don’t have side effects and are much practised abroad. Only very rarely antibiotics need to be taken along with the treatment.”


Wart’s the problem? – The Hindu

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  1. I have a wart on my hand. I have tried home remedies. I applied lemon juice on the wart. It helped remove the wart but they appear again after some time. How can I deal with this problem? Please Suggest me.

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